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Pale, strange, and lost

I definitely think too much

I love you...and you...and you...
10 February 1988
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Ha, well. The username says a lot. I'm as neurotic as your average teenage girl, yet my thought processes seem to work differently. I think too much, and I love everybody. I'm currently obsessed with four things: TiP (Duke Talent Identification Program...or nerd camp, to put it bluntly), explo (the camp I did at Yale to fill to void TiP left), ARISE (Christian retreat), and Jump (formerly Jump, Little Children, and the best band in the whole wide world). I suppose what I'm obsessed with more than anything is finding a place in my life where am the woman I want to be and truly feeling like I'm living. I've yet to find it, but I have found a few that came close.

I never thought these things did justice to a person or could ever encompass all that they are, but there are some necessary facts for anyone who wants to understand what I'm writing about (although chances are you already know, since this thing mainly exists for tipsters).

acceptance, almost famous, ani difranco, anne rice, arise, babies, being clean, being dirty, ben folds, ben kweller, big cities, boys, buffy, butterfly boucher, carole king, cat stevens, cookie dough, copeland, corsets, counting crows, cross dressing, cuddling, curls, dance, dancing in the rain, death cab for cutie, depression, drama, dresses, ducks, ellen degeneres, empire records, environment, existentialism, explo, fairies, fairy tale theater, fantasy, femininity, feminism, fiona apple, fluffy animals, friends, frolicking, garden state, gay rights, gene kelly, god, hair, harold and maude, harry potter, hippie clothes, hugs, iron & wine, jane austen, jason mraz, jim henson, john mayer, johnny depp, joni mitchell, jump little children, labyrinth, laughter, led zeppelin, llamas, love, makeup, massages, meditation, mercedes lackey, michael flynn, mirah, missy higgins, monty python, moulin rouge, muppets, music, musicals, my dogs, napolean dynamite, natural communions, nature, oscar wilde, parrots, patrick fugit, peace, penguins, people watching, philosophy, pirates and ninjas, pretty colors, pseudo motherhood, psychology, quadfest, queen, random acts of insanity, real genius, regina spektor, rem, rocky horror picture show, sales, sarah harmer, sarah slean, saved!, saves the day, semi-permanent hair dye, sexplo, shakespeare, sharon shinn, shaving guys, simon and garfunkel, singing, sleep, slip n slides, smashing pumpkins, snuggles, something corporate, spirituality, sporks, sunsets, sunshine, teaching, tegan and sara, the beatles, the byrds, the cranberries, the cure, the dark crystal, the decemberists, the family, the features, the hives, the offspring, the shins, the strokes, the waifs, the who, thought, tie dye, tip, toad the wet sprocket, tobey maguire, todd rundgren, u2, vampires, weezer, wink, wrap around pants, yatta, yoga